At Action Welding in Anaheim, CA we offer a variety of services & capabilities to suit your needs.

We are your #1 Source for Welding and Repairs in Southern California.
Contractors Cal State Lic. #957372

Services Offered

Structural Steel Fabrication

Racks & Carts

Warehouse Equipment Repairs

Certified Shop & Mobile Welding

City of Los Angeles Certified

Welding Repairs (All Types)

Machine Shop Production Runs

Aerospace Test Equipment

Structural Trellis Assemblies

Rental Equipment Repairs

Specialized Services

Emergency Vehicle Repairs

Water System Assemblies

Water and Natural Gas Lines

Aerospace Projects

Contractor New Projects and Upgrades

Property Managements

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Shop  

Mobile Welding

Machine Works and Repairs


No job too big or small. Serving all Southern California areas.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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